It's a bit hard to believe that our non-profit vision is taking shape because it felt like yesterday when b.a.r.e. soaps was simply a vision.  However, we're excited to share with you what the team was able to do last month, the truth and the difficulties on our non-profit work, and our long-term vision.  Yes, that's a lot for one blog post!  So we'll be breaking it up into a two part series.

For this week, we wanted to focus on what your purchases helped support during last month's trip.  Because of you, we were able to donate 12 bottles of multivitamins, 19 pairs of reading glasses, and 52 bars of scented soap. We used the leftover non-profit funds from 2013 to purchase the multivitamins, and we still have a bulk left to deploy from 2014 proceeds.  We will keep you posted as we deploy these funds in upcoming potential projects:  educational/medical funds and seeds for argiculture.  

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