Our Ingredients

Our promise is that each bar is made without preservatives, synthetics, or parabens. Our soaps are formulated with a blend of premium oils to naturally nourish your skin. We use high quality oils that produce a silky lather to help hydrate your skin. We focus on using essential oils in all of our handmade bars, not synthetic fragrances to scent our bars. In our triple milled bars, we use goats milk to create a nourishing bar for the skin and our Jubilee Jam is the only bar to use naturally derived fragrances rather than essential oils. 


We use only vegan oils to craft a hardy yet moisturizing bar. Each type of oil has a different role within the soap making process.

We source our palm oil from an active Member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). While some soapmakers have decided to exclude palm from their soap due to the controversy around the deforestation and its dramatic impact on threatened and endangered local species, we have consciously decided to continue using palm. Despite the negativity around palm, many natives in Indonesia and Malaysia depend on the resource as a means of generating a living. We continue to monitor our suppliers to ensure that our palm is being sourced responsibly.

Coconut oil comes from the kernel of mature coconuts. The oil provides for a hardy and very cleansing bar while also producing an incredibly bubbly lather. However, too much coconut would create an overly drying product.

Palm oil is processed from the flesh of the fruit of tropical oil palm plants. Often dubbed as “veggie tallow”, palm contributes to soap hardness, a stable lather, and a silky feel. It is a primary reason why our soaps can maintain their firmness while being held in the palm of your hands compared to castile soaps (made of 100% olive oil), which tend to melt upon holding.

Sunflower oil is created by pressing the oils from the seeds of a sunflower. It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E which helps produce an incredibly rich and conditioning lather for the skin. We balance the amount of sunflower oil with others because it helps harden the bar though has a slower-absorption rate meaning that it can feel a bit oily on the skin if used alone. 

Safflower Oil is typically cold pressed or expeller pressed from the seeds of a thistle like plant which thrives in dry climates. The plant is actually from the same family as the sunflower. It is a great oil for soap making because it is highly conditioning and moisturizing. It's got a medium lather, which is why we mix it with other oils that produce a higher lather.