Our Ingredients

Our soaps are made with 100% all natural ingredients. We take a "back to roots" approach, making soap by hand. All of our oils, colorants, and exfoliates can be found in nature, and each ingredient serves a purpose in our bars. 


We use only vegan oils to craft a hardy yet moisturizing bar. Each type of oil has a different role within the soap making process, and we experimented for 8 months before settling on the final “recipe”.

We source our palm oil from an active Member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). While some soapmakers have decided to exclude palm from their soap due to the controversy around the deforestation and its dramatic impact on threatened and endangered local species, we have consciously decided to continue using palm. Despite the negativity around palm, many natives in Indonesia and Malaysia depend on the resource as a means of generating a living. We continue to monitor our suppliers to ensure that our palm is being sourced responsibly.

Coconut oil comes from the kernel of mature coconuts. The oil provides for a hardy and very cleansing bar while also producing an incredibly bubbly lather. However, too much coconut would create an overly drying product.

Palm oil is processed from the flesh of the fruit of tropical oil palm plants. Often dubbed as “veggie tallow”, palm contributes to soap hardness, a stable lather, and a silky feel. It is a primary reason why our soaps can maintain their firmness while being held in the palm of your hands compared to castile soaps (made of 100% olive oil), which tend to melt upon holding.

Olive oil is produced by pressing whole olives. Perhaps the most recognizable of all the oils on the list, it should be no surprise to learn that olive oil helps attract external moisture to your skin, helping to keep it soft and supple.  Our olive oil is of food-grade quality, which means you can cook with it too.

Soybean oil is removed from cracking the seeds of yellow soybeans. It is diverse, with a role in cooking, creating crayons, candle lights, and even soap. Within soap, soybean oil helps sustain lather and is mildly cleansing.  Our soybean oil is of food-grade quality, which means you can cook with it too.

Castor oil is obtained from pressing castor plant seeds. It’s very viscous but produces a delightfully fluffy lather and helps hold moisture to the skin. However, when used in high amounts, it creates an overly soft soap.

Shea Butter is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. We use shea butter during the super fatting process. As a result, it remains within the soap to nourish your skin. Shea butter is also commonly used for treating dry skin and helping heal scars and wrinkles.


As humans, we are typically visually drawn to bright and vivid colors. Soaps that contain vibrant colors across the spectrum are typically colored synthetically. The next time you take a walk in the park, take a look around you. What colors do you see? You'll find that our soaps closely resemble the colors you most often see in nature since we are only using natural ingredients. 

All of our soaps contain some form of clay. Clay is extremely versatile in its ability to color soaps naturally while also providing healing benefits for the skin. 

Kaolin Clay is a white clay mineral and is produced when weather wears down aluminum silicate minerals. Today, it is commonly used in facial masks since it's chemical free. It is the mildest of all clays, making it suitable for all types of skin (including sensitive skin ). Despite its silky powdering feel, this clay is also an exfoliant, helping stimulate circulation to the skin while absorbing excess oil. Regular use will remove dead skin cells and help keep skin smooth.

Rose Clay is a mild kaolin clay but rose/pink in color. Its color is derived from naturally occurring iron oxides in the clay. Its benefits are similar to kaolin clay.

Yellow "Silt" Clay derives its earthy yellow colors form iron oxides naturally present in the clay. This is also a mild clay that can be used on dry or sensitive skin. It is considered to be a powerful detoxifier and stimulates blood circulation.