Can charcoal soap really get rid of blackheads?

SUCCESS! A nose-strip 2 weeks after using Starry Night


  • "I ordered the starry night bar to help pull some of the black heads out of my face. I'm pretty sure my face is already looking better." - ★★★★★ Brittney

Is activated charcoal safe to use on my face?

The simple answer is yes. Beauty enthusiasts include activated charcoal in their daily regimen to whiten teeth, treat acne, and reduce blackheads. 

How does activated charcoal help with blackheads?

Think of activated charcoal as a magnet to draw dirt out of pores. The easiest way to use activate charcoal is through a bar soap, which we use as a part of our daily routine anyway.  Check out our Starry Night charcoal bar soap. It’s made with a combination of kaolin clay, activated charcoal, sea salt, and eucalyptus essential oil, which is mixed into our premium blend of rich, nourishing vegan oils.

  • "The Starry Night charcoal soap is just like the face mask, but without all the mess. The eucalyptus smells great and the soap really cleanses" - ★★★★★ Nicole
  • "I have been using it for only three days and there is a huge difference in how my skin feels and looks." - ★★★★★ Meredith

Have any consumers found success in using Starry Night to help with blackheads?

Yes! One customer used Starry Night for just two weeks before raving about it. By lightly rubbing the Starry Night soap into her nose with a scrublet, she was able to drastically reduce the accumulation of blackheads!

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Why should I choose bare soaps and not an established brand that has been making facial products for decades?

It's easy. We use only all natural ingredients. No ifs, ands, or buts. And we have alot of rav reviews on this this all natural solution works to rid you of blackheads. 

Why bar soap and not a face mask?

Bar soap is ZERO waste, which means energy doesn't need to be wasted to create the packaging or recycle it. Plus, our bar soaps are wrapped in plantable packaging!  This means you can either plant our packaging to grow a beautiful wildflower or rest assured that the sleeve you throw away will quickly decompose in a landfill.