Celebrating World Food Day with Le Pain Quotidien

Celebrating World Food Day with Le Pain Quotidien

...we believe food has the power to bring many together, and together, we have the power to bring food to many.”

-Le Pain Quotidien

This past month, b.a.r.e soaps had the opportunity to partner with Le Pain Quotidien to support the (delicious and generous) FEED Supper campaign. This campaign is comprised of 24 dinners through one month across Chicago, Connecticut, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Every ticket sold contributes 465 free meals to help meet the campaign’s goal of gifting 2 million meals for those in need by World Food Day!

Attendees got to enjoy a spectacular Le Pain Quotidien inspired three-course meal with complimentary cocktails, wine, and beer along side one another at a communal table. The family style served dishes were nothing short of delicious. Guested were treated to a couple delicate desserts, guest hosts, and limited-edition LPQxFEED gift bag stashed with amazing goodies. We were excited to contribute 600 bars of some of our favorite b.a.r.e soaps to the cause and make it into the gift bags.  

Our marketing intern, Megane, was able to attend the dinner that took place at Le Pain Quotidien in Georgetown (and our co-founder Jessie attended one of the dinners in NYC). The cute and quirky blogger The College Prepster guest hosted the dinner for the DC location and brought in an excited young crowd. It was incredible to see so many young adults grasp the message behind the dinner and celebrate with scrumptious healthy dishes. The chef and servers were especially delighted to discuss the dishes and the cause with everyone. Regardless of the food allergies at the table, everyone had multiple options to choose from for every course. We hope to see another function like this next year.

Thank you to everyone to continue to make contributions like this possible! We're super thrilled that many of these meals will make it to families here in America too!

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