3 Must-Have Oils that Benefit Your Skin

3 Must-Have Oils that Benefit Your Skin

Ever feel like finding the right oil for your skin is harder than you thought? There’s argan oil, emu oil, tea tree oil, and the list keeps on going. How do you know which oils is the best fit for your skin type? What makes it even more difficult is reading a list of oils that benefit your skin, but have no idea which oils to buy. I've been there! I’d spend hours reading dozens of blogs about the best oils for my skin. My head would start spinning from just trying to choose one out of all the different options. Part of living a healthy lifestyle for me is taking small steps to replace my skin care products with something that is much more natural. Carrier oils are the perfect solution to keeping my skin healthy and chemical-free.

These three oils are perfect for you to start off with. It does the trick in keeping your skin glowing and supple. Oils can get quite expensive, but coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil are easy to find in stores and are much cheaper when compared to other oils. I’ve also included a little description on what you can do with these essential oils if you don’t know some of these tricks already. Hope this helps!

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is one of the easiest oils you can find. Coconut oil was the first oil I started using to replace my lotions. I used it as a makeup remover, as a moisturizer on the extra dry patchy parts of my skin, and as a hair mask. When I use coconut oil as a hair mask, I try not to use very much because it can get a little hard to wash off. A little goes a long way, so using a pea sized amount works just fine. Then, I would rinse with hot water and use Bare Soap’s Starry Night to wash off all the oil. It keeps my hair hydrated and shiny. Studies have also shown a number of health benefits that comes with eating coconut oil. One of the benefits include balancing hormones. Imbalanced hormones can effect a significant part of your day. It makes you tired, moody, and gain weight. I’m someone that suffers from this. So, I usually add a teaspoon of coconut oil into my herbal tea to help my body regulate those hormones. It gives your tea a nice coconut scent and you don’t taste a difference. And you feel so much better after taking it.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil is generally found in the pharmacy aisle of your store. It generally comes in smaller bottles compared to coconut oil. But that’s okay, because you don’t need a lot. A little goes a long way with this oil. I always see beauty products with castor oil listed as one of their main ingredients. So why not just buy castor oil instead of products mixed with castor oil in it? It’s much safer and better for your skin. This may sound counter intuitive, but I actually use castor oil to treat acne. Every once in awhile I have a some cystic acne on my face. After washing my face, I would rub a small drop of castor oil on my cystic pimple before I sleep. Ever heard of the concept of oil dissolves oil? One of the best ways to dissolve oil is well... oil! In chemistry, the best way to dissolve a nonpolar solvent is by using a similar nonpolar solvent. It totally works! I would wake up with less swelling and redness on my pimple. It’s also helped fade away my dark spots. I would apply a small amount at night and would notice a difference in the morning. My dark spots would look a bit lighter in the morning. But the benefits don’t just stop there! Want longer lashes and thicker eyebrows? Well castor oil does exactly that. After using it on my eyelashes and eyebrows, my eyelashes are noticeably thicker and my eyebrows are much fuller after a month. My eyebrows would get so full that I'd have to trim them every week.

Olive Oil

I recently started learning about the benefits of olive oil. Olive oil is naturally packed with anti-aging antioxidants and hydrating squalane.  It’s the cheapest oil and the bottles are significantly larger than coconut oil and castor oil. So you get more for what you’re paying for. I tend to use olive oil much more freely since it’s so much cheaper. The consistency also make it much easy to lather onto my skin after I shower. Just like coconut oil, olive oil can be used as a makeup remover. Another great way to use olive oil is as a shaving cream. It makes my skin soft and does the job just as good as a normal shaving cream. I don’t get razor burns or bumps because of its natural lubricant.


The best part about these oils is that you can pretty much find it anywhere. You can find any of these three oils at Walmart, Target, or Marshalls. I always recommend buying the best quality oils you can find. Don’t forget to choose oils that are organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed. What are some other ways you can use these oils? We want to hear from you!