How to Propagate A Succulent

What’s better than a succulent? A mini succulent or several mini succulent! Both are easy to achieve because unlike most plants, succulents don’t grow from seeds. Rather, they multiply through propagation.

Propagating a succulent is surprisingly simple. To start you’ll just need one succulent. The more mature and healthy a succulent is, the better results you’ll receive. Succulents that have shed too many leaves and look awkward are best.

 Steps to propagate a succulent
  • Gently tear succulent leaves from the main stem. It's crucial you obtain a clean cut and not a torn cut. Do this for as many leaves as you desire.
  • Place the leave cuttings on top of dirt. You do not need a substantial amount of dirt, a shallow dish will suffice. If you only have a pot, that will work just as well.
  • Place your tray/pot of leaves in full sunlight.
  • Do not water your leave cuttings for 2-3 days. This allows the cut of the leaves to callous over. If you water your leave cuttings before the cut heals, they can turn brown and rot.
  • Spray water on the cuttings every 3-4 days. Adding succulent fertilizer to your water will encourage growth. Succulent cuttings require more frequent watering than fully grown succulents. If the soil is dry, water it.
  • Your cuttings will start growing succulent sprouts at the place of the cuts within 2-3 weeks. Not all leaves will successful sprout. Continue watering the leave cuttings and leaving them in direct sunlight. The sprouted leaves will quickly develop roots as well. Once they have grown to a sustainable size, you can separate the sprouts & roots from the leaf itself. Some leaves may have already begun to dry out and shrivel up.