5 Tips For Taking Care of a Cactus

5 Tips For Taking Care of a Cactus

different types of cacti and succulents

There are numerous different types of cacti and succulents that would takes ages to name and even longer to identify. Thankfully, caring for one is basically the same regardless of the specific type. Here are five basic tips that will help you keep your plant alive and thriving. 


The greener the plant, the more durable it is for indoor purposes. They don’t require as much sunlight to thrive. These are you go-to the first time you buy a plant.

Give them as much natural sunlight as possible. You’ll start to notice your plant “stretching” towards the light source if it is not getting enough. Another sign your plant is sun-deprived is abnormally large spacing between it’s leaves. If your plant isn’t receiving enough light as it grows there will be large gaps between leaves.

Water your plant whenever the soil is dry. These plants can survive without water for long periods of time but they won’t thrive without sufficient water supplies. During the warm seasons this tends to be once a week and every other week during the winter. Succulents and cacti don’t need as much water during the winter because they in their dormant stage.

Purchase cactus/succulent specific fertilizer and add it to the water you give it. This will ensure your plant receives proper nutrients.

Always pot your new plant in a pot that allows drainage. This prevents your plant from rotting even if you accidentally overwater it a couple times.

There are tons of blogs by succulent and cactus experts, so if your plant is starting to look a little wonky submit a photo of it to an expert tumbler and you’ll soon get a response on how to handle it best.