reinvigorate facial clay scrub (seconds sale)

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Seconds sale info: The scrub is 100% the same in quality as the regularly priced scrub and has not expired. However, due to some warehousing issues, the cap may have been dinged. Perfect for personal or family use!

Pamper your face with this deep-cleansing scrub and you'll feel just how smooth and soft your skin is afterwards! Made with Australian clay, this creamy scrub will first draw out the impurities from the skin and the apricot exfoliant will gently scrub away those old skin cells.

It's scented with 100% pure essential oils- organic ylang ylang and notes of lime. Ylang Ylang is considered to be an aphrodisiac while the lime is a natural astringent reputed to help balance the oiliness of the skin.

Best for normal and oily skin.

Comes in a frosted glass jar with 4.0oz of scrub

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