Care Package: 2 bars + Sanitizer

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak started, we've been sending some "care packages" -- 2 bars of soap and our essential oil sanitizer -- to healthcare workers on the front lines. Many of these folks are constantly washing their hands with abrasive soaps, leaving their skin irritable and raw. While they must undergo that regimen at work, we figured our soaps and essential oil sanitizer could help mitigate skin sensitivities at home.

We wanted to make this bundle available to everyone or to send as a gift for someone who may appreciate a bit of TLC for their skin. Our sanitizer is made with a blend of all natural ingredients including aloe vera, witch hazel, and essential oils. We'd like to say it's effective enough to sanitize yet gentle enough for your face. It's also formulated with 60% isopropyl alcohol, in-line with the CDC's recommendations to prevent the spread of pathogens and infections. 

Note that if you're ordering this care package by itself, it will come in the box photographed. However, if you're ordering this with other items, it is likely to come in a different box. If ordering multiple items and you're gifting this set, please note that you need a box in the "Gifting this? Add a note!" section when you add to cart. 

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