The Florence Necklace


Florence is a widow and a single mother, working to help put her two children through school. After her husband passed, Florence was stripped of her "land", forcing her to rent a small dwelling. In Uganda, widows are among the poorest because the monthly rent means that Florence often needs to decide between food on the table, a roof over her children's heads, or tuition. 

She came to us to ask if we'd be interested in buying some necklaces that she made. A few years ago, she was taught how to spin beads from recycled paper and learned to perfect this practice. This necklace was made by Florence and the money she earned from these necklaces helped pay for her two childrens' tuition.

- Handmade by women in Uganda
- Beads made from recycled paper
- 13" when laid flat (each piece is unique and may vary slightly)
- Each necklace arrives in a b.a.r.e. soaps cotton, double-string pouch

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