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Do you know someone who is trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? Trying to cut down on their single-use plastic? We've got the perfect gift for them. This gift set includes 2 bar soaps of your choice and a Shampoo & Conditioner Set  (select the scent you want!). Our bar soaps are each expected to last 3-4 weeks. The Shampoo & Conditioner bars are expected to last for 2-3 months depending on frequency of use. A little goes a long way here!

More about our soaps...

Our bar soap works for both body and face. It's made with a nourishing blend of natural oils, helping reduce your need for lotions and best of all doesn't leave that yucky reside.

Our bar shampoo and conditioner set is the perfect hassle free approach to hair care. We've had a wide range of hair types test the shampoo bar with rave reviews from those with straight, curly, frizzy, color treated, dry, and oily hair. Best of it, it takes up limited real estate space in your shower.

Both bar soaps and bar shampoo and conditioner set come in our plantable paper. The paper wrapping the bar soap grows into wildflowers while the paper wrapping the shampoo conditioner set grows into basil. Always shipped with paper and in a recyclable cardboard box. Even the labels are compostable too! Read reviews here!

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